The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) and World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) have published a pre-employment assessment template for refrigerated warehousing and logistics companies.
Developed by the IARW-WFLO Supply Chain Operations Committee, the assessment provides a brief overview of best practices in pre-employment assessments and contains two sample templates for warehouse and administrative candidates. The template is a useful tool to augment employment applications, interviews, and other pre-employment screening activities.
“Qualified people are the most important resource for any warehouse operation, and this tool can help employers make good hiring decisions,” said Mike Bolander, chairman of the Supply Chain Operations Committee. “We believe this new tool will help refrigerated warehouse operators create or improve their own pre-employment skill evaluations.”
Available in Microsoft Word, the templates can be customized to fit the specific needs of companies and/or the specific positions they are seeking to fill. IARW-WFLO urges companies to review any assessments with legal counsel prior to use.
IARW-WFLO thanks several member companies that shared their companies’ assessments with the association. These include Allied Frozen Storage, Cloverleaf Cold Storage, Columbia Colstor, Loop Cold Storage, Los Angeles Cold Storage, RLS Logistics, Superior Tire, and Trenton Cold Storage Inc.
Subcommittee members and committee members who helped develop this resource include Ken Johnson, MTC Logistics; Ralph Newton, US Growers Cold Storage Inc; and Marie Sullivan, Trenton Cold Storage Inc with assistance from Mike Bolander, Columbia Colstor (Supply Chain Operations Committee Chairman, 2014) and Tammy Wolfe, Lineage Logistics (Supply Chain Operations Committee Vice-Chairman, 2014).
The template is available to members online at Non-members can purchase the template for a fee. To order, contact IARW-WFLO at or +1-703-373-4300.
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