Underpinning its commitment to innovation in the field of retail-ready packaging, Polymer Logistics has launched its Wood Effect crate. Suitable for stores that want to give that market-fresh impression, the new wood effect crate is set to change the look and feel of fresh produce aisles nationwide.
As more retailers are either starting to, or are actually upgrading, their stores, one area that has been of particular focus has been the fresh produce aisle. Retailers are recognizing that the perception of fresh and local can lead to increased sales. Therefore, store design and layout has been adapted to reflect this. However, while improvements have been made, the actual crates that hold and display produce still look generic and sterile.
The new Wood Effect crate from Polymer presents the opportunity for retailers to switch away from non-descript plastic crates and actually influence buyer perception in terms of market feel. What’s more, for retailers actually using real wooden crates the new crate is more sustainable and offers a significant hygiene advantage. Having made its debut at Fruit Logistica 2014 in Berlin, the Wood Effect crate offers robust product protection during transportation and is both foldable and stackable to maximize truck and store space. Crates use an active lock system that enables store colleagues to fold away the crates efficiently using the ergonomic system.
Polymer Logistics is a provider of One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) systems. Since 1994, it has been helping retailers worldwide simplify supply chain management by offering precisely what they need in terms of logistics services and display products—from the factory to the retail floor.
The strength of the brand comes from the company’s consistent track record in helping clients cut overall costs by up to 60% while increasing in-store product availability.
For more information, visit www.polymerlogistics.com.