Digital Lumens, provider of intelligent LED lighting systems, has unveiled the Digital Light Agent (DLA) product family, a stand-alone lighting control system that transforms any fixture from any manufacturer into a LightRules-Ready member of an intelligent lighting system.
DLAs encapsulate Digital Lumens’ patented intelligence, sensing, full-range dimming, and wireless networking into a suite of stand-alone products that provide control over any fixture—LED or legacy—or group of fixtures. Adding DLAs to an existing fixture can reduce a fixture’s energy usage by up to 90% and accelerate project paybacks, all while sharing data with LightRules for a comprehensive approach to lighting management and efficiency.
With the flexibility to deploy at varying levels of granularity—from individual fixtures to circuits—DLAs support any environment and its particular needs.
The DLA product family transforms any Digital-Control-Ready (DCR) into an intelligent fixture capable of occupancy detection, daylight harvesting, 0-100% digital dimming, and wireless control and management via LightRules. It includes:
•DLA-I—The fully integrated version of the DLA that can be incorporated by third-party fixture manufacturers
•DLA-S—A surface-mounted version of the DLA that can be added to individual or groups of fixtures
•DLA-R—The recessed-mount version of the DLA
In related news, Digital Lumens also announced two additional products to enable Intelligence Everywhere, a strategic framework for bringing intelligent lighting systems to all types of commercial, retail, and other environments. For more details on LightRules Insight and the LLE fixture family, access