RedLine Solutions Inc, a provider of whole-chain produce traceability systems, recently launched a new website. The revamped features resources for the produce community including a blog by the RedLine leaders, PTI education webcasts, how-to videos, and information on PTI systems offered by RedLine.

The blog, which covers topics from PTI milestone explanations to industry developments, is written by RedLine’s senior management. Todd Baggett, chief executive officer of RedLine, is also co-chair of the Technology Working Group, and Gary Fleming, RedLine’s vice-president of strategic services, was one of the original architects of the PTI. With their expertise in produce traceability, they offer growers, shippers, and packers new insights into traceability best practices and trends.

Other resources for the produce community include instructional videos on the operation and maintenance of traceability equipment, as well as PTI education webcasts. The webcasts provide a detailed view into specialized traceability subjects such as “PTI and Cross Docking,” and “PTI and Direct Print.”

Members of the produce community can also find detailed information for each RedLine PTI system: RedLine Field, RedLine Cooler, RedLine Packing, and PTI Lite. Visitors can access details on the capabilities of each system, watch informational videos, calculate operational savings potential, and schedule free consultations.