Always A company to welcome new technology, Lively Distributing of Phoenix, Arizona, is among the first to begin running Thermo King's all-new T-Series. The new line of temperature control units for straight trucks was formally launched at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show. (See article elsewhere this issue.)

Lively Distributing was founded in 1973 when Bernard Lively began delivering ice cream to customers in Phoenix from a single truck. The business has grown into the largest privately owned and operated dairy and ice cream distribution company west of the Mississippi River.

Running a fleet of 31 refrigerated straight trucks, Lively Distributing delivers more than 15,000 products to customers large and small throughout the Phoenix Valley and Tucson.

“All our trucks are equipped with Thermo King units,” said company co-owner Jody Lively. “We've been running the TS-300 and TS-500 units for years.

“We heard the new T-Series units were going to be even better, so we were excited to give them a try.”

The T-Series was designed for improved performance and reliability, greater fuel savings, fewer emissions, reduced noise, and easier operation and service.

“The unit runs very smooth and quiet without shaking the truck, and it gets cold quick,” said Tito Diaz, a driver with Lively Distributing.

The fleet is made up of 10 Freightliners, 10 Hinos, and 11 Internationals. Most of these trucks have 22- to 24-foot bodies, supplied by Hackney, Kidron, and Morgan.

Lively noted the outstanding support the company receives from its local Thermo King dealership, Thermo King West of Phoenix.

“Our representative, Lisa Mahler, is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in all areas,” Lively said. “It helps to work with such a dedicated team that understands our business.”