GreenRoad will offer advanced fleet tracking capability, provided by GPS Insight, as part of its driver performance management service. The company will integrate the GPS Insight system and offer it as GreenRoad Advanced Tracking.

“As we’ve collected feedback about what more we can offer, we’ve consistently heard requests for integrated, advanced GPS tracking,” said Jim Heeger, chief executive of GreenRoad. “The comprehensiveness, flexibility, and effectiveness of the GPS Insight service are truly impressive. Now, with the GPS Insight partnership, we can offer the tools to also create the most efficient fleets on the road.”

“GPS tracking is a natural complement to the GreenRoad driver performance management offering”, said Robert Donat, CEO of GPS Insight. “With the combination of these two capabilities, fleet operators will have all they need to optimize fleet efficiencies and maximize driver productivity.”

The integrated system, GreenRoad Advanced Tracking, will be available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom by the end of 2012. Information is available by calling 1-888-658-4420.