BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) offers maximum convenience and security to simplify the workday for drivers of heavy-duty work trucks.

These locks are designed to allow a single ignition key to be programmed to open any number of BOLT locks, reducing the need for multiple keys. The locks can be used to secure tools, gear, trailers, and other equipment.

Using patented lock technology, BOLT locks are permanently programmed the first time the ignition key is inserted into the lock cylinder, immediately coding the cylinder to that unique key. From then on, only the driver’s ignition key is needed to unlock a padlocked toolbox, unhitch a trailer, or remove a ladder from a ladder rack.

Weatherproof BOLT locks are manufactured with an electroless nickel-plated carbon steel pin or shaft assembly/shield for strength and durability. They feature an automotive-grade stainless steel lock shutter, a protective rubber shell, and a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping.

The company’s product line includes:

•The BOLT padlock is designed to keep anything that can accept a padlock secured in any type of weather, and features a hardened steel shackle inside a protective rubber shell.

•BOLT 5/8" receiver lock, designed to fit Class III, Class IV, or Class V hitch, as well as both a 2" and 2.5" square receiver.

•BOLT coupler pin lock, fits 1/2" to 3-3/8" and is adjustable in increments of 1/8", allowing for a snug fit in any size.

•BOLT cable locks, made from six-foot by 1/4" vinyl-coated coiled cable, feature an automotive-grade lock shutter that keeps out weather and debris.

•BOLT toolbox latch retrofit kit, which allows a toolbox cylinder retrofit for DeeZee, UWS and other toolbox brands to protect and secure tools.

Heavy trucks compatible with these locks include:



•Mitsubishi Raider—2006-2009


•Volvo VN Series—2005-2013

The locks come with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, see or call 844-972-7547.