Accuride Corporation (NYSE: ACW) has introduced two new 22.5-inch x 14-inch Accu-Lite Duplex aluminum wheels that are up to four pounds lighter than the models they replace. These Duplex wheels are already on the road in fleet service and available for specification.
Identified with part numbers 41142 and 41140, these 22.5-inch x 14-inch Duplex wheels replace previous part numbers 41660 and 41016, respectively. By re-engineering the design of the prior Duplex models, Accuride reduced weight of PN 41660 by three pounds and PN 41016 by four pounds. The wheels were assigned new part numbers to make it easier to identify them as zero-outset (PN41140) or two-inch-outset (PN41142) wheels. Both 10-hand-hole, hub-piloted wheels are rated to support a maximum load of 12,800 pounds.
Accuride ensures a superior finish by offering polish as standard on all of its Accu-Lite aluminum wheels.  Both new 14-inch Duplex wheels are available with Accuride’s standard polish (SP) or extra-polish (XP) finishes.
Key features of the new Duplex wheels include:
•Reduced tire-wheel assembly weight—Less fuel expense, greater payload capacity, and more return on investment.
•Replaces a dual set of 22.5-inch wheels with one 22.5-inch x 14-inch wheel—Better ride performance and handling, lower maintenance costs (fewer assemblies), and less downtime.
•Consistent quality—Advanced, state-of-the-art machining and polishing processes ensure consistent quality, reliability, and a high-gloss finish.
•Forged-in durability—The one-piece forged aluminum wheel design provides increased strength and eliminates porosity that can permit cracks or corrosion to occur.
•Made in the United States and Mexico—American-made at Accuride’s aluminum wheel facility in Erie PA, and manufactured at its Monterrey plant for fleet customers in Mexico.
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