ThermoPod Packaging offers mail-order purveyors of temperature-sensitive fine foods and confectionaries custom-size, styrene-free packaging liners for nationwide holiday shipment of mail order pies and cakes, gourmet chocolates, smoked fish, caviar, glazed turkeys and hams, and other delicious cargo.
The outer surface of the ThermoPod packaging liners consists of a waterproof film, and the inner surface of the ThermoPod Mailer is a permeable film.
Sandwiched between the inner film (substrate)—and sealed on all sides—is a proprietary cotton pad made from recycled, purified, flocked textiles. During manufacture, super-absorbent powders were added to the pad for absorption of spills, and antimicrobial powders were added for preventing contamination in case of rupture of such products as blood or vaccines. Antimicrobials are programmed to expire after a desired length of time to allow an eventual natural degradation of the ThermoPod Mailer.
Features of this packaging include:
•Ultra-insulation—thick soft cushioning textile fibers are encapsulated between layers of protective poly film.
•Cotton insulation is biodegradable and meets the ASTM E6400 test for biodegradability.
•The poly film contains an additive that promotes biodegradation in greater than one year and is considered biodegradable as tested by ASTM 5511, ASTM 5D209-91, and ASTM D5338.98.
•Permeable inner liner offers accidental spill protection by allowing liquids to pass through to special absorbing fibers in the insulated padding.
•Antimicrobial additive provides extra cross-contamination protection programmed to expire after a desired length of time to allow for complete bio-degradation in landfills.
•Sustainability—environmentally preferable insulating fibers, not foam, provide the insulation.
•Reduced freight costs—a gusseted flat envelope design allows for increased content space while using a smaller dimensional-weight (DIM-weight) compared with cubical box shipments.
ThermoPod super-insulated temperature-controlled packaging products are manufactured by the ThermoPod Division of MP Global Products, headquartered in Norfolk NE. Access the website at or call 888-379-9695.