APS Resource has introduced its SWAT (Secondary Warning Alert Technology) module, which adds an extra layer of protection for dock operations by visually alerting workers to use caution any time a change in dock status occurs.

Reportedly the first of its kind in the material handling industry, the SWAT module is designed to work in combination with a dock’s LED dock light and vehicle restraint. When the vehicle restraint indicates a change in dock status, the SWAT module flashes the interconnected dock light at a rate of 30 flashes per minute (fpm).

“The SWAT module is an extra step in providing complete safety for loading dock personnel,” said Joe Graf, APS Resource sales manager.

Compact in design to minimize risk of damage, along with a polymer housing that resists corrosion, this module easily mounts on a loading dock wall next to the vehicle restraint control panel. Featuring its own LED status light to indicate receptacle output status, the module is ETL-listed and is approved to work with the entire family of APS Resource LED dock lights.

For more information about APS Resource and to view the SWAT module in action, click on this link or go to www.apsresource.com/news-resources and click on “Videos.”