Victoria, British Columbia, Canada-based company Total Composites is a premium supplier of flat-packed, German-engineered composite truck bodies, composite panels, mobile housing and cold storage.

The company is engineering and sourcing all components from Germany to process them in the German-owned and managed facility in Asia. This allows the firm to offer a premium product that can easily shipped worldwide serving customers in North America, Australia and Asia.

In corporation with Lamilux in Germany, the company is offering nano silver-based antibacterial FRP (fiberglass skin) as an option.

Besides low thermal conductivity and high strength despite a light weight, AntiBac provides a constant disinfectant effect of its surface in temperature-controlled transportation of foods that require refrigeration throughout the delivery chain.

Refrigerated containers and truck bodies are exposed to severe mechanical stress, temperature changes and harsh cleaning cycles  often with aggressive media during loading and along transport routes. The German-engineered-and-certified AntiBac is demonstrably resilient to these stresses and reliably disinfects for at least 55 years—even under the toughest conditions.

Many Total Composite material qualities are thus tested for indirect contact with food, and the newly developed nano silver is considered absolutely safe for humans and the environment.

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