Randall Access introduces the first-of-its-kind Elevated Platform that provides drivers with significantly improved side door delivery.
This lightning-fast platform deploys in less than 15 seconds and elevates to the trailer floor—without the use of a transition plate—providing full use of the 48” x 52” surface area. The large, usable platform space is dual-purpose: a first-stop loading position, enabling the trailer to be fully cubed; and a large surface area to safely transition heavy loads from platform to walkramp.
In addition, the Elevated Platform has been engineered to provide drivers the flexibility of positioning the walkramp on the platform either parallel or perpendicular to the trailer. This innovation enables efficient side door delivery and the ability to fully cube the trailer. The end result is increased productivity and safety as well as higher revenue potential per trailer.
Fred Jevaney, president of Randall Manufacturing and Randall Access, said, “As consumers demand more fresh and frozen foods, food distributors are taking a new look at side door delivery because side door delivery is essential to effectively commingling fresh, frozen, and dry goods on one trailer. The delivery world is changing, and the Elevated Platform has been engineered to provide drivers with the safest, fastest, and most flexible form of delivery today.”
Other advantages of the Elevated Platform include:
•It deploys in less than 15 seconds to door height and stows in less than 10 seconds.
•The platform is fully protected within the enclosure that is constructed of G90 galvanized steel for added corrosion resistance.
For more information, go to www.randallaccess.com.