Randall Manufacturing has added a Narrow Walkramp to its Straight Walkramp series.

Available now, the RR Narrow Walkramp is approximately one inch shorter in width than the RR Standard Walkramp and fits easily under any straight truck body. The RR Narrow Walkramp is ideal for straight trucks, especially straight trucks delivering in congested urban settings.

Food delivery in urban areas is highly competitive, time-sensitive, and difficult,” said Fred Jevaney, president of Randall Manufacturing. “Smaller straight trucks are preferred over semi-trailers because they can more easily maneuver tight corners and compensate for inadequate delivery areas; the RR Narrow Walkramp is made for these smaller, more nimble straight trucks.”

The RR Narrow Walkramp is compatible with the RR Lift Assist and can be purchased with an open or closed lid enclosure.

Key features of this ramp include:

•24-3/8" usable width

•6000 Series aluminum alloys

•Grade 8 cadmium-plated hardware

•Uniterrupted walk surface

•75% open panel design

•Ergonomic, easy-to-grip handles

The Randall Ramps line includes Straight Walkramps with or without Lift Assist, Folding Walkramps, and Randall Steps. For product information, visit www.randallramps.com or call 800-323-7424.