Swiss fresh produce technology specialist ECCS has launched a new range of portable products that allow growers, packers, and freight companies to monitor the temperature of fruits and vegetables and see the results on their tablets.
The I-PLUG+ single-use temperature data logger is a USB-compatible monitoring device—no larger than a typical memory stick—that enables all participants in the cold chain to check the temperature of perishable goods before, during, and after transportation.
Fully recyclable, the I-PLUG+ can take a reading of temperatures of between –40° to +70° C within 90 seconds and is capable of taking and storing up to 5,000 samples within its memory.
As well as including multi-level LED indicators that give growers, packers, and shippers an instant indication of temperature, the device’s USB interface allows it to be connected directly to any Android tablet where full temperature data can be viewed.
According to the company’s business development director, Patrick Poulet, the I-NET logger will enable growers and packers to monitor in real time their cold stores, even from their smartphones.
With single-use devices, questions regarding sustainability and wastage inevitably arise, but Poulet said ECCS was already fully committed to handling its responsibilities in these areas.
“We are committed to supply sustainable solutions and to recycle the single-use devices. Some are talking about it, but we are acting, offering a free service to some of our customers to collect used data loggers wherever they are, even if it is a difficult and costly job to perform,” he said.
The I-PLUG+ single use temperature data logger, which is available worldwide, can be used in conjunction with free-to-download software directly from the ECCS website that is compatible with any PC or Android tablet.
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