Thermal Packaging Products ultra-insulated styrene-free Pie and Cake Shippers offer online fine-food purveyors a clever, environmentally responsible way to protect temperature-sensitive pies and cakes during mail order delivery to customers nationwide.
TPP Pie and Cake Shippers are carefully engineered for high performance during transit and low impact on the environment. Cotton-enhanced insulating materials used in the shippers provide soft cushioning and thermal protection. Insulating cotton padding is produced using a select blend of recycled flocked cotton fibers that are super-absorbent for containment of undesirable condensation or accidental spills and contain a time-sensitive EPA-approved antimicrobial additive for cross-contamination prevention. This combination, when used with gel packs or other refrigerant, provides superior thermal protection for temperature control during shipments.
The two-part insulation liners are reversible to allow for frozen shipments using dry ice film on one side or the perforated film for refrigerated shipments that use frozen gel packs that often condensate during thawing. Tiny perforations in the film will allow spills or unwanted condensation from gel packs to be wicked away from product and absorbed into the insulation fibers. This process is boosted by the addition of superabsorbent fibers bonded to the textile fibers during the thermal sterilization process in manufacturing.
Cotton materials are completely aerobic and anaerobically biodegradable in less than one year when in the presence of active microorganisms as verified by ASTM D-6400 biodisintegration testing. Non-woven cotton insulation fibers in the packaging liners are considered compostable and comply with FTC 2013 Green guidelines. The protective poly film contains a special additive designed to attract microbes and thus stimulate biodegradation. Given that composition, the packaging post-use is disposable as ordinary household trash.
TPP Pie and Cake Shippers are provided in standard 13" x 13" x 8" size. At no additional cost, custom sizes are available to fit snugly inside shipping containers, saving space on pallets and shelves and minimizing shipping costs.
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