Get an excellent view of blind spots around trucks with the new CornerEye camera monitor system, a unique vision system that combines the ultimate digital technology with an effective application solution.

With an advanced HD monitor and a robust camera, Orlaco is offering a vision system that pushes the boundaries. CornerEye covers a field of vision that more than satisfies the criteria of vision classes V and VI.

The system has a wide angle lens that combines with the latest technologies to deliver a field of vision of 270°. This system makes every truck builder eligible for exemption from the pavement and front view mirror requirement, in accordance with mirror directive R46. CornerEye gives a full and detailed picture of one’s surroundings, continuously and in real time.The HD camera shows every detail on the high-resolution HD monitor.

CornerEye improves safety of the driver and other road users, and it reduces the level of damage and number of accidents by providing a clear view of blind spots. Add an extra pair of eyes that stay sharp in the dark and during bad weather, thanks to a high level of light sensitivity—even in the most extreme cold and volatile conditions. The camera is waterproof to IP69K standard and also shock- and vibration-resistant.

The system has been specially designed for trucks and heavy machinery. It is produced in accordance with the approved quality standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 and in line with CE marking standards. CornerEye is also approved under R10 criteria. The system does not interfere with driver concentration and cannot be affected by electromagnetic fields.

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