Mettler Toledo is offering a new forklift scale, the VFS120. In industrial environments where reliability, safety, and data accuracy are crucial, these heavy-duty forklift scales can save users time and money while managing transaction data efficiently and without error.

Designed for use in severe industrial environments, Mettler Toledo forklift scales set the standard for performance in heavy-use applications. Investment in a VFS120 offers productivity gains that can pay back an investment in less than six months.

Weighing directly on a forklift means you can skip the extra step of weighing later. For freight logistics, shipping, or warehousing applications, the VFS120 scale provides a cost-effective solution for speeding up pallet weighing.

The VFS120 scale provides:

•Accuracy over time—A patented three-point suspension guarantees precision over time, regardless of vibration, shaking or crashes.

•Ruggedness and reliability—The heavy-duty scale increases productivity while reducing maintenance and downtime for low cost of ownership.

•Safe operation—Designed with safety in mind, the forklift scale allows the forklift operator to see loads, position forks for lifting, and avoid accidents.

•Easy installation—In just 15 minutes, the VFS120 scale can be installed and ready for weighing.

•Seamless integration—The VSF120 scale’s data-management software makes it easy to integrate the scale into existing business systems.

The forklift scale maintains its accuracy in severe-duty environments, where a number of factors usually impact on-board weighing performance. For example, angular compensation maintains accuracy regardless of fork height, even if forks are at different heights as a result of wear and tear. The corner adjustment function allows for pallets to be weighed with precision, regardless of position or angle. Professional filter processing means the scale can achieve the same accuracy on diesel forklifts as on electric ones.

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