Exide Technologies announced that its GNB Industrial Power Division product line of 24-, 36-, 48-, 72-, and 80-volt three-phase industrial battery chargers for electric lift trucks and other material handling equipment has received energy efficiency certification from the California Energy Commission (CEC).
The GNB Industrial Power EHF Series charger line is a multi-profile range for standard-flooded, low-maintenance-flooded and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) motive power batteries.
EHF Series chargers offer greater efficiency of power conversion—compared with chargers that incorporate Ferroresonant and SCR technologies—leading to reduced power consumption and energy costs. Reduced maximum input currents allow for reduced circuit breaker, cabling, and distribution equipment sizes. The charger also ensures that the charging current and voltage remain constant during any mains fluctuations, guaranteeing a constant and optimized charge.  End-of-charge on the EHF Industrial model is detected by the change in voltage over the change in time measure (dV/dt) to avoid risk of undercharge or overcharge. As a result, the EHF industrial chargers have a better efficiency rating.
In 2011, the company expanded the EHF Series to include two more models: the EHF-HP High Frequency Opportunity Charger and the EHF High Frequency Multi-Circuit Charger. The EHF High Frequency Opportunity Charger features an optimized charge profile, incorporating a temperature-compensated charging algorithm and a programmable 80% charge termination. Both features contribute to maintaining optimum battery performance and battery health.
The EHF High Frequency Multi-Circuit Charger offers additional space savings as the model is equipped with four separate circuits in a single cabinet, eliminating the need for stacking and extra hardware. Further, installation costs are reduced through a single AC supply connection per cabinet, and individual circuits are connected internally during the manufacturing process.
These chargers use fourth-generation MOSFET technology and Zero Volt Switching, which provide greater power conversion efficiency. The EHF charger uses a space-saving Planar Transformer design that allows for reductions in size and weight and efficient cooling.
More information, including technical data and operation manuals, is provided at www.exide.com in the GNB Motive Power section.