Hörmann Flexon LLC has formally launched the Speed-Commander 1400 SE high-performance door.

The Speed-Commander 1400 roll-up door, designed for use on interior openings up to 14 feet × 16 feet high, has an opening speed of up to 100 inches per second. This promotes effective material handling and contributes to energy savings. In case of a collision, the flexible panel breaks out of the guide tracks, and the self-repairing design requires just the push of a button. With no need for tools, the door is again operational. A vertically flexible SoftEdge profile minimizes damage to goods and reduces risk of injury to personnel. Whisper-quiet operation is achieved with horizontal spring steel panel stiffeners, accommodating in-plant negative or positive pressure conditions.

Access www.hormann-flexon.com for the new Speed-Commander brochure.