The new PrimeLINE container refrigeration unit is making a splash with several of Carrier Transicold's customers.

Since PrimeLINE's December 2007 introduction, Carrier has received orders from several major customers for more than 6,000 units. It is designed to reduce environmental impact and lifecycle cost of container refrigeration.

PrimeLINE's efficiency can translate into life-cycle savings of $1.75 million, relative to competitive models, in a typical scenario involving 1,000 units operating at various capacities on 21-day voyages made five times a year. In slashing energy requirements, PrimeLINE helps shippers lessen their environmental impact by reducing emissions related to energy production.

Among those making PrimeLINE purchases is Maersk Line. Units acquired by Maersk Line will include the QUEST power-saving mode, providing significant additional energy savings and further reduction of emissions. A software-based control, QUEST mode intelligently cycles refrigeration on and off based on temperature limits designed for specific perishables.

Maersk Line previously reported on its plans to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 325,000 tons using QUEST mode technology.

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