Windyne Inc. has announced the introduction of the first horizontally adjustable and vertically retractable trailer belly fairing. Called the Windyne FLEX fairing, it incorporates proprietary features that allow it to be very adaptable and also provide superior fuel savings.

First, the proprietary horizontal telescoping feature allows the rear panels to accommodate forward and rearward movement of trailer tandems, keeping the aerodynamic performance optimized regardless of tandem position. Another first is the proprietary vertical lifting feature, providing significant ground clearance and under-trailer access.

The flexible skirt finishing the bottom 12 inches of the Windyne FLEX fairing allows the fairing to travel within 4 inches of the road yet does not prohibit the driver from maneuvering over common driving obstacles.

The combination of these features allows the Windyne FLEX fairing to offer a large surface area. Surface area equals fuel savings. As proven after third-party SAE J1321 Type II testing, the Windyne FLEX fairing achieved 7% fuel reduction independent of any other fuel savings device.

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