Webb Wheel Products Inc's Aftermarket Business Unit has released a new brake drum, part number 66855B. This 16.5 × 8.62 drum, for R-series drive axle and TN & TP trailer axle applications, is similar to Webb 66854B without an oil groove machined in the wraparound area. The 66855B brake drum will fit most applications where a 66854B brake drum is used, with the exception of a limited number of school bus applications where the machined oil groove is required.

The 66855B balanced 10-hole drum weighs 122 lbs with an 8.78" pilot diameter and 11.25" bolt circle diameter. If balance is not required, the replacement Webb part number would be 66854F. Webb brake drums, as well as disc brake rotors, hubs, and spoke wheels are available at heavy-duty distributors and dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Visit www.webbwheel.com for complete information.