King Controls has introduced two new VuQube mobile satellite TV antennas designed specifically for professional longhaul truck drivers.

VuQube satellite TV antennas are 16" wide × 17.5" high and weigh less than 15 pounds. They are available in three different models including manual, automatic, and in-motion. The original VuQube V10 model is manually positioned from inside the cab while parked using a wireless remote control. A single coaxial cable connects the antenna to a satellite receiver and provides power to the antenna. With the new V20 model, just park and push a button for automatic satellite lock. If a satellite TV programming package includes channels broadcast from more than one satellite as with Dish Network, the VuQube automatically switches to the correct satellite by selecting the channel with a receiver's remote control — just like at home. The V30 in-motion model offers the advantages of the automatic system plus the ability to track the satellite while on the move.

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