Lubricants and Greases

Lubricants and greases for commercial vehicles come in a wide variety, but all are designed to help keep equipment operating at optimal performance levels by reducing friction. Products come in both synthetic and conventional petroleum forms. Here is a sampling of what is available.

Castrol engine oils

Castrol Assuron are high-performance, straight-grade, heavy-duty engine oils that couple selected base stocks with a balanced additive package to enhance engine performance and protect engine parts for extended life and reduced maintenance costs.

Extremely resistant to the formation of high-temperature deposits, the oils have a higher dispersant package that also works to keep the cooler areas of the engine from sludge and other harmful deposits.

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CITGO multipurpose gear lubricants

CITGO Premium Gear Oils are multipurpose gear lubricants that use a sulfur-phosphorus additive system to impart extreme pressure properties.

The additives specifically impart anti-weld, anti-scuff, and anti-wear properties necessary in heavy-duty service gear lubricants.

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Delo transmission fluids

Delo Trans Fluid ESI is a premium grade, heavy-duty truck manual transmission fluid engineered to minimize friction and operate at lower temperatures to improve thermal and oxidation stability for longer transmission and lubricant life.

It is the only non-synthetic transmission fluid approved for Eaton's 750,000 mile extended warranty.

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Kendall full synthetic engine oil

Kendall SHP Diesel Full Synthetic Engine Oil is a premium quality, full-synthetic engine oil specially formulated with advanced low-SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur) additive technology to protect exhaust aftertreatment devices such as diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts.

The oil is manufactured with synthetic base stocks and an advanced performance additive package to provide outstanding wear protection, soot control, and bearing corrosion protection in both conventional and EGR-equipped diesel engines.

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Shell heavy-duty gear oils

Shell Rotella Heavy-Duty Gear Oils are high-performance, multigrade gear lubricants suitable for truck differentials, manual transmissions, oil lubricated wheel bearings, and drivetrain gears.

Multi-viscosity oils for year round use over a wide temperature range, they contain additives to inhibit oil oxidation and keep lubricated parts clean.

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Valvoline engine oils

Valvoline All-Fleet Plus engine oils are formulated to provide optimum performance in low-emission diesel engines, including those with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Blended with premium base stocks and high-quality additive chemistry, the oils provide high-temperature piston deposit control, oxidation inhibition and low-temperature sludge protection, and corrosion and rust inhibition.

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