ROM Corporation's DuroMatic Self-Closing Strip Door for refrigerated truck and trailer applications combines the temperature control benefits of PVC strip doors with the driver-friendly benefits of a clear curtain that opens and automatically closes once the driver and load are out of the vehicle.

By keeping warm, moist air out of the refrigerated compartment, high-run defrost cycles are greatly reduced, decreasing fuel consumption and environment impact.

The easy open and self-closing feature eliminates the need for drivers to cut or tie back the strips during product off-loading, which defeats the purpose of having a temperature control strip door in the first place.

The self-contained DuroMatic Self-Closing Strip Door system, available new and retrofit, may be installed on side and rear access doors up to 48 inches wide.

To operate, the driver simply pulls a handle to open the clear curtain, exits the vehicle, after which the curtain automatically retracts.

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