GE Asset Intelligence has introduced VeriWise GPS Mileage, a service that provides fleet owners the ability to track mileage readings on trailers without the use of any additional hardware.

Working with the VeriWise suite of cellular- and satellite-based tracking systems, the new service allows for more timely maintenance based on trailer mileage.

The only virtual hubometer currently available to the trailer fleet market, the VeriWise GPS Mileage is designed to track multiple maintenance items, with up to 21 counters.

For example, if a fleet needs to know how long between brake inspections, a counter is designated to track brake mileage, and then an alert is sent over the website when the assigned mileage is reached.

The service updates every minute when an asset is powered and moving. Customers set their parameters using VeriWise's web interface.

VeriWise GPS Mileage also can be used by leasing companies to provide accurate mileage-based billing without having to add physical devices.

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