RedPrairie Corporation has enhanced its Enterprise Visibility system for 2009 with updated sourcing and recall capabilities. Integration of these new features will come as part of RedPrairie's 2009.1 Supply Chain Execution suite release, designed to lower the cost of transporting goods from manufacturing to store, and back to manufacturing if necessary.

Updates to Enterprise Visibility will also allow automatic re-sourcing of shorted orders, meaning the system will now fulfill shipment from alternate locations in case the original source becomes unviable.

The new updates include functionality to expand the number of details available to effectively recall products at market. The system will now allow component and finished goods tracking through the use of serial numbers, as well as kit and component-level inventory sales. Updates also allow finished goods tracking through RFID. All of this data can be easily accessed and organized using the updated visibility screen.

In total, the updates to Enterprise Visibility can boost user productivity across all supply chain operations.

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