Hanson Logistics, a provider of temperature-controlled logistics, is implementing Infor10 Supply Chain Execution (Infor10 SCE) system as a key component in its warehousing best practices.

Infor10 SCE enhances warehousing efficiency, inventory, and order transparency, while facilitating compliance with safety regulations for food product storage and handling.

Hanson Logistics will use the warehouse management, labor management, and third-party logistics (3PL) billing functionality of Infor10 SCE to enable product traceability, proactively meeting increasingly stringent USDA and FDA tracking regulations.

Infor10 SCE provides greater visibility into inventory and operations, enabling faster and more informed business decisions with regard to inventory management, as well as improved shipment accuracy.

ION Event Management will send automatic, real-time event notifications detailing status changes of stored items, enhancing customer service through more open, instant communication.

Hanson Logistics’ network-wide implementation of Infor10 SCE began with the company’s flagship Chicago Consolidation Center and will continue through its other Michigan and Indiana facilities.

Visit www.hansonlogistics.com or www.infor.com for further information.