Mark-It Services has successfully deployed its WAM-D wireless asset management system at APL's Global Gateway Central Terminal in Oakland CA. APL's combination wheeled and racked reefer depot operation was a suitable match for implementing Mark-It's WAM-D device and technology.

For the first time, this WAM-D technology gave APL staff remote control of reefers passing through the terminal facility — all from an office desk or laptop in a monitoring van or service truck. There was no need for APL's reefer monitoring crew to climb up ladders or go into the reefer rack to check functionality. With the WAM-D's successful launch, APL discovered a strong potential for the Mark-It technology, which will be tapped and used for future reefer operations.

WAM-D is a compact, high-volume data acquisition control device that provides efficient power management. It consists of a detachable wireless device (WAM-D tag) that connects directly to the reefer's external data port. While connected, the WAM-D provides full two-way communications with the reefer micro so the terminal has full visibility and control of that reefer from the comfort and safety of the office or traveling and accessing via a laptop.