Island Creek Oysters has chosen ShockWatch WarmMark indicators and companion tools to accompany its temperature-sensitive food items to their destination. An oyster supplier in Duxbury Bay MA, Island Creek has teamed with ShockWatch to help ensure proper temperature requirements are met during the oysters' entire shipping and handling process. By using ShockWatch's Environmental Indicators system, Island Creek increased customer confidence with the knowledge that their oysters have been shipped safely and have not been exposed to unacceptable temperatures.

Island Creek ships roughly 6 million oysters every year, and each one needs to remain refrigerated between 34° to 45° F throughout the entire shipping and handling process. ShockWatch is onboard to provide the recipient an easy-to-understand system that indicates any breach in the cold chain. Affixed directly to the product's packaging, the WarmMark indicator clearly indicates when, or if, the shipment was exposed to temperature levels above the predetermined level, creating a permanent and immediate indication of the duration of exposure. In addition, the shipment's exterior is affixed with highly visible companion labels to warn handlers the product is being monitored.

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