Mobileye Inc. has been selected by refrigerated trucking company C.R. England to equip its fleet of more than 3,500 trucks with its driving assistance product AWS-4000. The camera-based safety features to be installed on each truck will include a lane departure warning (LDW) system, a forward collision warning (FCW) system, and a headway monitoring and warning (HMW) system.

Offering the three essential accident-prevention warnings in one unit, Mobileye AWS includes a smart camera on the front windshield inside the vehicle and uses Mobileye's advanced vision technologies to detect and measure the distance to vehicles and to lane markings, providing the driver with timely alerts.

The forward collision warning assists in preventing collisions with vehicles ahead by alerting drivers to both moving and stationary vehicles, while filtering cars in adjacent lanes posing no threat. The lane departure function monitors the vehicle position in the lane and alerts the driver to departures from a lane without using the appropriate turn signal.

C.R. England will begin installing Mobileye's technology immediately, and will equip the entire fleet over the coming months.

Mobileye is announcing the nationwide launch of full-scale pilot program available to fleets of all sizes. Any companies interested in testing Mobileye's products are encouraged to contact the company at