Teletrac is providing the latest release of its Fleet Director core software platform. Fleet Director 9 combines new business intelligence technologies and the latest in-cab color touchscreen tablets with two-way messaging, fleet tracking, navigation, and safety analytics capabilities.

With Fleet Director 9, users get a highly functional in-cab display and messaging unit. Vibrantly colored screens provide enhanced visibility for drivers. All software capabilities including on-board navigation with turn-by-turn driving instructions and lane guidance, HOS with eLogs, and two-way messaging are now available on one unit. Its large screen size also allows drivers to see incoming messages from dispatch regarding job details—while in navigation mode—to keep communications fast and efficient. Fleet Director Tablet is offered in 5- and 7-inch versions.

Driver safety dashboards and event replay of unsafe driving events help to monitor safety-related activity. For example, dashboards show best and worst drivers in the fleet. Dangerous driving behavior can be visualized in map views, and individual incidents can be “played back” just as they happened in real time. Drivers can be organized into driver subgroups for convenience, and assigned to watchlists. The driver’s name is dynamically assigned to the vehicle, enabling all status updates and messages to be automatically accompanied by the driver’s name.

Fleet Director 9 makes eliminating manual logbooks easier with the new in-cab color tablet. It streamlines the process of entering, recording, completing, and storing all required information for drivers’ logbooks—right from the cab. The interactive and intuitive screen flows, combined with navigational features and violation alerts, help meet federal guidelines more efficiently and economically.

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