Fontaine Alternative Fuels, a new business created by the segmentation of Fontaine Modification earlier in 2013, has launched a dedicated website to better serve its fuel conversion customers. The site,, provides an overview of the advanced fuel system and alternative fuel engine installations offered at the company’s eight modification centers nationwide.

Heavy-, medium-, and light-duty vehicles can all benefit from alternative fuel conversions. Fontaine Alternative Fuels specializes in compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and propane autogas (LPG) systems. Its multiple facilities allow the company to process thousands of vehicles at the same time, ensuring the first vehicle is the same as the last vehicle, regardless of where Fontaine performed the conversions. Fontaine Alternative Fuels also offers mobile installation of its retrofit kits for fleets not located near a modification center.

A Fontaine Modification company based in Charlotte NC, Fontaine Alternative Fuels uses established ship-thru agreements with all major truck manufacturers to streamline the final delivery process to the end-user. Modification centers are located in Denton, Garland, and Laredo TX; Charlotte NC; Dublin VA; Gainesville GA; Springfield OH; and Williamstown WV.