The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released the findings of its Freight Performance Measures Analysis of 30 Freight Bottlenecks. This research, which assesses the severity of 30 freight bottlenecks within the U.S. interstate system, uses analysis methods and data to produce a severity ranking for each location. It dovetails with the ongoing Freight Performance Measures initiative, which is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and managed by ATRI.

The ATRI analysis of 30 national bottlenecks prioritizes chokepoints on the highway system previously identified by the research community. ATRI researchers used GIS/GPS technology and truck-specific information, as well as sophisticated analysis techniques, to determine what time of day freight was affected by traffic congestion and where the results of such congestion were the most severe. A copy of the full report can be ordered from ATRI through its website by clicking here.

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