A new brochure from Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group highlights the Dana Spicer SmartRide suspension family's durable, weight-efficient design. The six-page brochure presents a component-by-component overview of key product features and options available.

This brochure illustrates how SmartRide suspensions are up to 18% stronger than other designs to resist buckling. Described is Dana's use of large-diameter (5¾") axle tubes that lower system weight by 30 pounds, while also minimizing tube deflection. The brochure details SmartRide features and options, including air disc brakes, drum brakes, wide-base configurations for single tires, and Dana Spicer TIMS tire inflation and monitor system for trailers.

The brochure, item number SUSL-0002, can be downloaded or ordered at www.Roadranger.com/SmartRide free of charge.